Sales Training in Sydney

A study by CSO Insights found that only 9.6% of  respondents rated their sales training programs as having 'exceeded expectations1'. If your internal sales training programs are not delivering, it's time to learn how the best sales managers achieve results.


What We Do

We accelerate growth and multiply success

Navig8 has a range of customised sales training programs enable your sales team to hit their targets and increase the company's sales revenue . Our sales training programs have contributed to over $150M in client revenue uplift across 350 engagements over 14 years to date.

How We Do It

We unlock your true capability with a simple methodology

We increase sales revenues, employee commitment and customer loyalty through a methodology to ensure the sales training programs achieve your desired outcomes.

Step 1 – we conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative research

Step 2 – we analyse and report our findings to you

Step 3 – we develop your tailored training strategy

Step 4 – implementation

Our training programs are developed from scratch and in accordance with the sales team challenge at hand. This ensures a program unique to your development requirements.

Program Specifics

Learn how our clients have experienced 150% volume increase in their sales

Our training programs are highly experiential and are classroom driven. Our philosophical approach to training and embedding soft skills is simple – you can’t learn it online, it requires human interaction, only our diagnostic tools are online.

Using a small workshop environment, Navig8 will conduct the sessions where participants are introduced to techniques and skills that will challenge both their paradigm and sometimes-jaded approach to learning and development.

Course Materials

We appreciate and understand important learning preferences. As such our workbooks are a highly visual, well structured and design. We appreciate that the actual material needs to reflect the type of dynamic content and facilitation that Navig8 delivers.

Your course materials will be in keeping with their branding as well as deliver a visually appealing product to ensure these materials stay as an important and constant referral source. If you are looking for soft skills sales training in Sydney, we can design the program for you.

Cycle of Engagement

Cycle of Engagement: 12 Month Leadership Development Platform       Target Position: Leaders

Managing Your Team

Managing Your Team: Individual & Team Awareness Workshops

Target Position: Line Managers


Team Engagement

Team Engagement: Motivational Drivers Workshops – 4 x 4hr Sessions

Target Position: Leaders and Managers

  • Workshop 1: Clare Grave Colour Stations
  • Workshop 2: State Model, Dilts Ladder & 7 Life Influences and Filter Systems (Chaos, Transition & Results Model)
  • Workshop 3: Meta Programs & VAK
  • Workshop 4: Framing


Sales Training

Target Position: Frontline Sales Teams


Retail Training

  • Retail Training Programs
  • S.T.O.R.E Management Coaching Program
  • Train the Trainer Retail Training Program

Target Position: Frontline Retail Staff, Retail Managers, Retail Trainers.


Contact Us

To learn more about sales and soft skills training to transform your sales process and multiple success, please contact us here or contact one of our consultants directly.

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1) A sales training study from CSO Insights, based on surveying over 2,000 companies.