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The latest research indicates 70% of workers are ‘not engaged’ or ‘actively disengaged’ from their workplace and therefore less likely to be productive1. These disengaged workers are costing you millions of dollars in lost productivity each year. If you feel your team is disengaged, consider an investment in team building.


What We Do

We strengthen your collective with a sense of purpose

Navig8’s team building services and programs are customised to meet your objectives. If you are looking for effective team building and leadership training services in Sydney, engage Navig8 today. We address four fundamental areas in team development:

  • Teamwork & communication
  • Leadership skills
  • Collaboration
  • Planning & resourcing

How We Do It

We identify barriers and issues

Dysfunctional communication is a fundamental driver in the erosion of trust, teamwork and accountability. Our sessions will explore participant’s contribution both positive and negative within a team dynamic. The session engages and draws in the participant to understand the nature of the team disconnects which prevent strong synergies.

Over the years we have found that the following issues prevent a team from working at optimum levels:

  • Disgruntled attitudes
  • Strained relationships
  • Competitiveness
  • Lack of communication
  • Failure to recognise issues
  • No collaboration or creativity
  • Failure to share information
  • Lack of resources
  • Formation of silos or cliques
  • Failure to plan

Are We Right For You?

Navig8 is passionate about working with authentic leaders

Our clients include such companies as: RIM, Novartis, Macquarie Bank, The Consulate of Malaysia, AMP, PwC, SITA Australia, Hewlett Packard, Qantas Airlines, Barclays Bank, Merrill Lynch and the NSW Local Government to name a few.

For us, it starts with you. We will work with you so that you:

  • Strengthen your collective purpose
  • Develop collaborative teams
  • Invest in people, performance and development
  • Realise your leadership potential
  • Accelerate growth
  • Multiply business success

Contact Us

To learn more about team building and leadership training to refocus thinking and challenge underlying assumptions in your organisation please contact us here or contact one of our consultants directly.


Michael Morgan - Director and Founder

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Louise Eiseman - Director

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  1. State of the American Workplace. Employee engagement insights for U.S. Business Leaders. Gallup 2013.