Corporate Facilitation and Leadership Strategy Services Sydney

Most organisations find it difficult to implement change, with only about 10%1 of learning from training and development experiences. Many companies use their in-house teams to deal with today’s complex work load and problem solving.

We have been providing challenging corporate facilitation services for over 15 years. Our process enables your teams to work collaboratively and effectively. We provide an exceptional experience whereby our content allows your teams to deconstruct the challenge and extrapolate the solution. We harness the talent assembled without bias or agenda ensuring buy in and commitment of the way forward.

 What We Do

Results focused, proven facilitation methods

Defining the problem can be deceptively simple, however a problem  identified is only half solved. Our facilitation services will ensure your team can unpack the most complex of challenges constructively and effectively, develop options for solving the problem and critically leave the session with a consensus driven solution.

We have worked with a range of groups from board members, C-suite executives and mid-level managers in critical areas of:

  • Company growth strategies
  • Stakeholder engagement & collaborative frameworks
  • New market entry challenges
  • Cultural transformation
  • Project and change management communications
  • Organisational performance
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Organisation design and business process improvement
  • Goal Setting
  • Annual budget planning
  • Learning and development planning
  • Partnership and strategic alliance challenges
  • Sales development

How We Do It

Our approach, your outcome

Our master facilitator, Michael Morgan has successfully focused on fixing dysfunctional interactions and interfaces. Our approach is to understand the nature of the issue and customise each session specific to the problem to ensure your team is guided toward a clear decision. Our facilitation services approach is to enhance your team’s effectiveness by guiding the group to follow four core principles during the session:

  1. “Valid information” – provision of accurate data which people can accept as fact.
  2. “Free and informed choice” – No one viewpoint is right or wrong. Open, honest and healthy debate is vital to a successful outcome.
  3. “Internal commitment to the choice” – People are responsible and must take ownership for the decision once they have left the session.
  4. “Compassion” – Respect the right for people to have alternate perspectives.

Michael will share his expertise, suggests directions to and initiate perception changes to provide a new way of thinking for the business to the problem at hand.


Are We Right For You?

Navig8 is passionate about working with authentic leaders

Our current clients include such companies as: RIM, Novartis, Macquarie Bank, The Consulate of Malaysia, AMP, PwC, SITA Australia, Hewlett Packard, Qantas Airlines, Barclays Bank, Merrill Lynch and the NSW Local Government to name a few.

For us, it starts with you. We will work with you so that you:

  • Adopt new ideas to keep your business progressive
  • Accelerate growth
  • Invest in collaborative frameworks and processes
  • Realise your leadership potential
  • Are agile and responsive to change
  • Multiply business success

Contact Us

To learn more about the benefits of strategic facilitation and leadership strategy workshops in your organisation please contact us here or contact one of our consultants directly.


Michael Morgan - Director and Founder

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Louise Eiseman - Director

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  1. Priest, Simon; Gass, Michael; Gillis, Lee. 2000 'The Essential Elements of Facilitation.' Learning Unlimited.