Organisational Design Services and Consultants in Sydney

A 2016 survey of more than 7,000 business and HR leaders from 130 countries revealed companies need a change, however their leaders aren’t sure exactly how to engineer that change. One interesting fact from this survey was that:

  • 88% of organisations don't understand the way their people work together.1

Organisational design services and projects by definition shake things up, typically by challenging the unanswered question – can our business successfully confront the issue that mandates this change unassisted? The rapidly changing nature of the marketplace today requires inbuilt flexibility and adaptability. Our organisational design consultants in Sydney can help.


Why Explore Organisational Design?

We ensure businesses remain effective and can adapt to change through the development of their organisational design.

Updating your organisation’s structure is a vital process that can make your company stronger by unleashing its energy and using its resources more aggressively. Does your business know how to adapt to change?


What Works For You?

Good organisational design work seeks to find the best methods of delivering a business strategy.

No one model or approach is recommended over another, as the choice depends on the situation and the questions or issues that the business is aiming to address. Our organisational design consultants will work through the challenges you are addressing and customise a design specific to your growth requirements.


How We Partner On This Journey?

Well-designed projects are implemented through a combination of good governance, clear communication and meticulous planning.

We partner with you to build a design that fits the functions you want it to perform and the challenge you need answered. We map out the process of commitment, resources and time required to implement along with designing the most appropriate measurement tools which relate to the purpose of your design change.

Are You Ready to Review Your Organisational Design?

Embarking on Organisational Design is not for the faint-hearted. Have you considered the following

  1. Is your current or intended organisational design aligned successfully with your business strategy?
  2. Do you have the time and resources to map out this design change project?
  3. Have you selected an appropriate organisational design model?
  4. Have you considered the measurement tools for your organisational design process?
  5. Have you mapped the stakeholders and grouped them based on their interests and overall goals?

If you have answered no with two or more of the above contact us for a meeting on where our expertise can add value. Review one of our case study's - Growth Phase