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The project landscape is littered with failures. The risk of not handling change management and stakeholder engagement component significantly damages brand and erodes reputation.  Some interesting statistics to consider when emabrking on your next complex organisational change project - your major cost components are broken over the folllowing areas:

  • 50% of your cost will be reorganisation
  • 30% of your cost will be dedicated to the management of the change
  • 20% of your cost will be the actual R&D


Why Change Management is Critical BAU?

In this period of rapid structural and disruptive change, the companies that will flourish will be the ones who embrace, lead and relentlessly drive the change into its foundations.

Ensuring your business has the capacity to be agile and adapt during these innovative times requires a number of key elements:
1.    Forward, external strategic thinking
2.    Systematic methods to look for and anticipate the change
3.    Developing the right method to implement change into your culture
4.    Policies to balance change and continuity


 What's Required During the Change Management Process?

Change Management is about navigating the quagmire of resistance and challenges people will bring to the table.

Change Management, particularly complex organisational projects, requires a broad set of skills such as political, analytical, communication, stakeholder management, systems, and business skills. Understanding all the nuances at play is the hardest to predict as people transition through the four phases of change – denial, resistance, exploration and acceptance. Knowing how to move people through the phases as quickly as possible with the least amount of disruption is the trick.


How We Partner on this Journey?

Well-designed projects are implemented through a combination of good governance, clear communication and meticulous planning.

Our change management approach is to ensure you have defined the appropriate process for managing the change within context to the business challenge you are seeking to resolve.

Drawing from our decades of experience we build you a business change lifecycle process. We align this lifecycle with your current operational governance approach and develop a framework of roles and responsibilities for defining, leading and implementing change. We work with you through a range of workshops to develop the communication and leadership skills required to implement your change program.

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