Michael Morgan is driven by people and their behaviors, challenging his client’s to discover new paradigms for success.

Michael Morgan New

Michael created Epoch Australia in 1999 to help executives move their business lives in the right direction and to transform poorly performing sales teams into a high performing cohesive unit. Now in Navig8, he continues to work his magic with senior executives and senior sales professionals to ensure their strategic intent is understood and change is embedded at all levels of the organisation.

His expertise spans; Sales Performance, Executive Coaching, High Performance Team Building, Facilitation and Corporate Soft Skills Training.

Through his study of Human Typology, Michael works on a person’s emotional intelligence, to shift old and entrenched behaviours in the corporate environment.

Michael Morgan has a gift that allows him to enroll his audiences through his knowledge and vocal skills and is one of the leading facilitators of state and behavioural change in the market today.

He successfully integrates conscious and unconscious drivers such as: NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Clare Graves World Views, DISC Behavioural Analysis, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Robert Dilts Meta Programs "Advanced Behavioural Modelling" (Wyatt L. Woodsmall, PhD), Determination Psychology (Willpower, Resolve, Purpose).


Michael Morgan: Experience

Michael has been driving teams and individual performances for the past 14 years in Australia, South East Asia, Europe and the United States.

Prior to his management consulting career, Michael spent 18 years in the High Performance Sales arena at the coal face, Management and Executive levels. His career path has been across industries such as Insurance, Finance, Exporting, Property Development and other Entrepreneurial Business Concepts.

His current clients include such companies as RIM, Novartis, Macquarie Bank, The Consulate of Malaysia, AMP, PwC, SITA Australia, Hewlett Packard, Qantas Airlines, Barclays Bank, Merrill Lynch and the NSW Local Government to name a few.

Michael was recently invited by the wife of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, to present a keynote speech at the prestigious 1st Women in Business Convention in Malaysia in 2012. His major presentation was the Alchemy of Leadership which showcased the key leadership attributes of the Top 30 Entrepreneurial Women in Australia

His insightful and high impact keynote presentations have kept him in constant demand as a thought leader in his profession for over 14 years. He has spoken internationally throughout South East Asia, America and Europe.