A Talented Team

Michael Morgan and Louise Eiseman deliver to navig8's clients an experienced team where dynamic ideas and intelligent solutions are second nature.


michael-morgan-louise-eiseman-navig8-directors2Our foundation working as Epoch Australia allowed us to experience a wide range of clients and business challenges. Michael Morgan and Louise Eiseman bring their vast knowledge and skills of facilitating business improvement for sustainable and profitable growth to a combination of management consultancy, soft skills training & coaching model with strong change management strategies.

Michael Morgan and Louise Eiseman created navig8 to respond to this demand and provide a holistic service to every client.

What sets us apart is the context in which we engage an organisation
- the HOW FRAME.

Most businesses know WHY they need to change and WHAT they need to change, but lack either the in-house capability  or simple bandwith to drive the appropriate requirements. We deliver value for money with services which enables our client’s organisations to be recalibrate for growth and longevity. By viewing your company with an external lens we can provide a challenging perspective and tailored services that can address recurring issues such as:

  • Cogent leadership
  • Meeting sales targets
  • Innovative growth strategies
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Cohesive, dynamic or defined culture
  • Long term traction for individual and team learning and development

How do we do this?
By providing a range of highly skilled consultants with decades of experience solving complex organisational issues in a tailored manner. We address the factors which impinge on the POTENTIAL of your business. The navig8 team combines the three key strengths of setting a vision, aligning the stakeholders and executing upon the strategy with a collective business knowledge and operational agility to create measurable value for our clients.