‘Question and Answer’ with Navig8’s Director and Founder, Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan from Navig8
Michael Morgan from Navig8

A desire to embrace change and a unique business model have been at the centre of Navig8’s success for over 18 years. Orion Marketing speaks to Director Michael Morgan.


In today’s competitive and dynamic marketplace, how can a business set itself apart from its competition and perform better?

For Navig8 founder and director Michael Morgan, every company has the potential to innovate and activate change – it just needs to learn to harness its existing potential in order to create new ideas.

The team at Navig8 works with companies across all sectors, delving deep into the heart of each business to discover what makes it unique; how its talents can be used to develop new ways of thinking; and how these new ways of thinking can be turned into tangible new products and services that create value.

Navig8 teaches businesses to take what they know, mix it up and think differently – and then how to turn its new processes and ideas into opportunities for better productivity, performance and profitability.

“We want our clients to distance themselves from the competition,” says Morgan. “We guide them to never copy what others do, but instead to embrace their internal capabilities to develop their own innovative ideas. By focusing on creating something new and specific to their business and market, clients can leverage their creativity for long-term success.

“Most companies have an enormous knowledge base, and a high level of curiosity, ideas, patterns and concepts that we help them to explore. We show them how to tap into this and find their potential for creativity and innovation.”

Once a client’s opportunities are identified and mapped, Navig8 helps them break down their change process into manageable stages. The biggest results and turnarounds are often achieved with the smallest steps.

“We work with companies and their teams to ensure positive, proactive incremental changes that benefit all who participate,” says Morgan. “We provide state and behavioural change which enhances a company’s organisational performance – through adjustments in culture, improvements to work flow and processes, shifts in employee behaviour – to deliver long-term sustainable change and maximum results.”

Implementing innovation can prove intimidating for some businesses. Navig8’s consultants empower clients to overcome the challenges that may arise with organisational change – and show them how to tackle each step of the process.

“At first, our clients often feel that their challenges are unsurmountable,” says Morgan. “Through working with us, they find that it’s just the first step which appears the most onerous. With an external perspective and some strategic change, we help them to discover that the remaining steps are not as challenging, and their teams are soon able to take ownership of the solution very quickly.”

Navig8’s impressive track record is proof of its consultants’ ability to get under the skin of a business, uncover its potential and instigate change.

“We have a 100% success rate of achieving the desired outcomes set down and agreed to by our clients,” Morgan says. “At Navig8, we put our heart and soul into our work; we become part of the fabric of our clients’ businesses. Only then is it possible to achieve real results that will propel a business toward success and sustained growth.”


About Navig8

Navig8 is more than a sales training and organisational performance company. Navig8 starts with the end in mind: client’s efficiency, growth and revenue. Navig8 engage corporate teams to challenge the status quo, delivering the foundation for organisational sustainability and perpetuation of ongoing success.

Navig8 brings a unique, cross-disciplinary approach to clients’ growth issues, providing the right balance of expertise and 18 years of real world experience. They consult across a range of areas including sales transformation and training, organisational performance, executive & talent development and change optimisation. With consultants based in Sydney, operations extend both Australia-wide and internationally.


About Michael Morgan

Michael Morgan is driven by people and their behaviors, challenging his client’s to discover new paradigms for success. His expertise spans; Sales Performance, Executive Coaching, High Performance Team Building, Facilitation and Corporate Soft Skills Training.

Through his study of Human Typology, Michael works on a person’s emotional intelligence, to shift old and entrenched behaviours in the corporate environment.

Michael Morgan has a gift that allows him to enroll his audiences through his knowledge and vocal skills and is one of the leading facilitators of state and behavioural change in the market today.

He successfully integrates conscious and unconscious drivers such as: NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Clare Graves World Views, DISC Behavioural Analysis, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Robert Dilts Meta Programs “Advanced Behavioural Modelling” (Wyatt L. Woodsmall, PhD), Determination Psychology (Willpower, Resolve, Purpose).