SITA Australia

Client issue Breakdown in the working relationship with a key client.
Identified area for development

The key issues identified included:

A lack of organizational structure to deal with the customer’s need;
No communications plan
Internal departmental divisions
No formal contract management process or systems
The need for a cultural realignment.
Navig8 solution

We provided a holistic approach to the issue at hand. These services were:

We conducted thorough research and analysis inside SITA Australia and its client.
We presented these findings back to both parties with immediate next steps for improvements.
We facilitated a full day workshop with SITA Australia, mapping out the 3 segments for development.
We established a Steering Committee to oversee the 3 main projects which needed to be developed and implemented for their engagement framework internally and with their client.
Both SITA and the Navig8 team worked to complete the 14 activities across the 3 projects.
Client outcome SITA Australia’s client relationship was re-engaged prior to completion of the projects. The negative attitudes and behaviours are being resolved.

“At the time of engaging the Navig8 team, SITA’s relationship with our customer was dysfunctional and at risk of disintegrating into a contractual war. The Navig8 team was briefed to facilitate a relationship review with three parties; two internal and our customer.

SITA has been particularly pleased with the team’s ability to quickly mobilize and execute the brief. The project timeline has been met and the level of expert advice provided by the Navig8 team has been exceptional.

At the time of writing, SITA has reorganized and is progressing well in the reparation of our previously damaged relationship and is enjoying a strengthened “partnership” approach to the contract management process. “