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Client issueSales results had stalled and the team was not reaching the required lift to achieve an increase in the expected new target.
Identified area for developmentImprove Sales team’s core competencies and clarity of direction with respect to target market.
Navig8 solution

We conducted research and analysis over two phases. The first being with each member of the sales team and their manager to understand the competency gaps and aspirations of the individuals. The second being with their client base to understand where potential revenue increase could be made.

Once we had completed our analysis, we presented our findings and developed an intensive customised coaching platform for the team. The coaching was conducted over a 4 month period. The team also attended our’ Communication and Influencing Program’ and ‘Negotiation Skills Program’.

Client outcomeFinal quarter of the coaching platform resulted in 150% volume increase in sales.

“I have found the sales courses deliver results immediately. They allow participants to challenge their strengths and encourage sales techniques that inspire success.

My sales teams finished the course with a new confidence and our sales results have always continued to climb as a result, with a 150% increase in volumes in the last quarter.

Personally, I have had one on one training with Michael and have transitioned from a manager to a leader.
Dino Pesce, Associate Director, State Sales Manager, NSW / ACT,
Macquarie Adviser Services