Mitsubishi Development Australia

Client issueCultural disparity in interactions between Global and Sydney Head Office.
Identified area for developmentCultural shift required for communication and engagement.
Improve processes and protocols for company interactions.
Navig8 solution

Having conducted a company-wide team building exercise, we facilitated a workshop at Mitsubishi’s annual conference using our 4A Problem Solving model on the engagement issues which face the company.

The outputs of this were distilled into 15 identifiable areas for development. Using our refinement process we finalised 7 critical projects for the company to implement.
These projects were designed to reconnect the Global Head Office to the Local Head Office. These projects improved company interactions and communications and also improved the processes and protocols necessary for ease of engagement at both levels.

Client outcomeMitsubishi Development Australia successfully completed the 7 projects over a phased approach. Their relationship with Global Head Office improved to a new level of transparency and mutual respect.
Testimonial“It is always difficult to view ourselves in an objective manner, to identify and admit our weaknesses, to find alternatives and to set up new and appropriate systems and to work with them. It is always difficult to minimize the blind spot.
During our internal conference, the Navig8 team delivered a very good facilitation process. As we kept saying to you; we did not want to be given the answer, we wanted to create, understand and find the answer ourselves.In all of the above contexts, my expectations of your facilitation process is very great, now we enter the next phase.
Kirk Yamanaka, CEO, Mitsubishi Development Australia