"How to Work Through Stakeholder Engagement Dysfunction and Problems" - Case Study

Client/Vendor Engagement Breakdown

We can point you to a great number of failed stakeholder projects - the landscape is littered with them. The risk you face of not handling stakeholder engagement and change management in a proactive and professional is damage to your brand and reputation erosion.

Before you embark on your next complex organisational change project, consider these statistics:

  • 50% of your cost will be reorganisation
  • 30% of your cost will be dedicated to the management of the change
  • 20% of your cost will be the actual R&D

The following case study will show you how we successfully worked through a problematic stakeholder engagement situation and averted a 'contractual war.'




1 Identify the Scenario

The working relationship between two internal divisions and a number of local government customers had broken down to an intractable position of mutual distrust.

The internal divisions were conducting themselves as separate entities inside the customer and failing to deliver on contract.

The risk to their brand and reputation was heightened, as there were a number of legal moves being made by their customers for failure to deliver on contract.


2) Gap Analysis

Process and Cultural Alignment Required

Our client had undertaken a number of projects for delivery of services. We discovered major gaps in process and culture both internally and externally with their customers, these included:

  • No leadership governance framework for the internal divisions to partner on the contracted projects
  • No project performance structure to deal with the contract requirements
  • No stakeholder risk analysis done
  • No systemised engagement process for all stakeholders
  • No defined and shared project process to complete contracts
  • No formal contract management process or systems
  • Different divisions had different cultural approaches to customer complaints and issues
  • Lack of formalised internal and external communication process


3) Applied Solutions

Performance Improvement on Contracts

A stakeholder change management program was developed and implemented for both divisions. We applied our stakeholder methodology across three key components of the client/vendor engagement process.

We established a Steering Committee for the purpose of implementing the program, provide governance and mitigate risk. We had a range of internal stakeholders who included communication & PR, legal counsel, project directors, general managers and key project team members.

We workshopped a range of internal change projects based on a completed stakeholder risk analysis. We worked with the Steering Committee in developing and implementing 14 projects to improve the cultural realignment and process improvement.


4) Results

Re-engagement of Stakeholders

  • We delivered 14 projects across the three key components contained within the change management program.
  • Navig8 also successfully implemented a range of stakeholder engagement processes which enabled the divisions to work together harmoniously understanding the importance of the commitment each department must have.
  • These engagement processes were mirrored with the client to enable the re-engagement of all internal parties within the client and as a result the contracts were put back on track.



“At the time of engaging the Navig8 team, SITA’s relationship with our customer was dysfunctional and at risk of disintegrating into a contractual war. The Navig8 team was briefed to facilitate a relationship review with three parties; two internal and our customer.

SITA has been particularly pleased with the team’s ability to quickly mobilize and execute the brief. The project timeline has been met and the level of expert advice provided by the Navig8 team has been exceptional.

At the time of writing, SITA has reorganized and is progressing well in the reparation of our previously damaged relationship and is enjoying a strengthened “partnership” approach to the contract management process."

Ben Connell, SUEZ

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