VitalSigns™ is the answer to alliance health checks. It focuses on the effectiveness of the collaboration in achieving desired outcomes—not on what each partner is doing right or wrong. Built on The Rhythm of Business’ framework for high-performing collaborations, VitalSigns™ asks and answers these fundamental alliance questions:

  • Is the alliance generating the outcomes the partners seek?
  • Is the operating environment conducive to generating outstanding outcomes?
  • Is the collaboration among team members effectively leveraging the resources and currencies of the partners to produce outstanding outcomes?

Typical alliance health checks focus on “fit”, whereas VitalSigns™ focuses on outcomes—and looks at alliances as entrepreneurial entities with a willingness to engage in learning to achieve ever greater success.


Traditional Health Check

VitalSigns™ Assessment


Measures the well-being of the relationship through strategic, operational, and cultural “fit”

Measures effectiveness of collaboration, the management environment and satisfaction with alliance outcomes


Perceptions about each partner

Perceptions of the alliance as an entity

Desired Results

Partners are aligned and feel good about the relationship

Alliance is operating in a way that allows it to achieve its strategic intent, potentially creating new value by leveraging all alliance assets and minimizing risks

The Rhythm of Business™

Alliance Challenge:
How do we improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our alliance operations and better leverage the alliance’s resources?

How do we resolve your Alliance challenges?

VitalSigns™ is an in-depth customizable assessment tool built on a three level algorithm of an individual strategic alliance or small group of like alliances. The structure of the algorithm allows for comparison across different relationships. This diagnostic tool moves beyond traditional alliance health checks to focus on operations and outcomes. The outcome is a specific action plan for the alliance (and potentially each partner if systemic issues are identified) that is implemented and monitored to address issues that can result in achieving better outcomes.

Navig8 will customise and deliver:

  • Survey instrument specifically developed for the subject alliance(s)
  • Survey administration and analysis
  • Report out including scores on a per question basis and rolled up to the nine assessment areas, for each partner and for the alliance as an entity
  • Benchmarking against other companies we have assessed may also be included
  • Development and delivery of management workshop to review results and develop a plan of action, including workshop materials and a follow up report