This tour is a combination of telephone interviews and an online survey to gather both qualitative and quantitative data. The process starts by defining the research scope and key objectives and then refining and expanding on that through interviews with the internal stakeholders who are closest to each category of suppliers and other external relationships. The input from these stakeholders informs development of The Rhythm of Business Partner Listening Tour™ survey instrument.

Your suppliers are then invited to complete the confidential online survey which is developed and administered by us. Once the survey has closed, we analyze and interpret the data, providing a comprehensive presentation of what the interviews and data tell us.

Partner Challenge
To remain the preferred choice for your customer as you meet the challenges of tomorrow.

How do we resolve your Partner challenges?

We present the outputs in a Strategic Sourcing Workshop designed to give you the opportunity to understand the data and develop an action plan. We then prepare to engage the stakeholders and appropriate leadership bodies in the outcomes of the Listening Tour, these sessions serve as an endorsement of Strategic Sourcing’s action plan and engage stakeholders in the implementation of that plan.

Navig8’s report to you includes:

  • A summation of the interviews, including quotes as appropriate
  • Charts and graphs summarizing the output from the survey
  • Detail data on each of the individual questions in the survey
  • Recommendations for action