Collaboration is a poorly understood behaviour, often confused with “teamwork” or simply “working nicely with others.”
The Rhythm of Business has developed a tool to evaluate the collaborative behaviour of individuals. It produces a metric that suggests what could be possible through better collaboration and points to where training and coaching can produce better results. The assessment uses a consistent algorithm, yet is specific to an individual’s job.

Collaborating Challenge:

  1. Do our people engage in the right collaborative activities?
  2. Do they have the skills to do them well?
  3. Do they practice what they believe about collaboration?

This groundbreaking assessment tool draws from the experiences of frontline collaborators across multiple industries. Administered to more than 8,000 individuals across the USA and Europe, Collaborating to Win™ answers these questions.

How do we resolve your Collaboration challenges?
Navig8 will provide this assessment which will produce a metric through The Rhythm of Business proprietary Collaborative Index.

It will:

  • Provide an objective measure of collaborative ability
  • Analyse the reasons for differences in performance
  • Highlight the best practices of top performers
  • Informs professional development efforts
  • Provides a window into the ground level of important collaborations