The Rhythm of Business’ Partner Profile Manager™ is a process of developing a profile that describes the potential value and management complexity within each alliance and the overall portfolio. This robust process has been developed over a decade and is used in many ways across many industries.

The greatest benefit of utilising the process is that it provides people with data and insights from a perspective that they most likely haven’t seen previously and engages them in a strategic discussion about the alliance portfolio, how it should be managed, the organisational capability and individual skills needed to do that.

Partnership Challenge:

To strategically define what kind of partner and partnership model you need which will link to your business objective and drive a mutually beneficial return of investment.

How do we resolve your Strategic Partnerships challenges?

With the use of Partner Portfolio Manager™ we work closely with you to customise the online assessment and strategic planning tool based The Rhythm of Business’ Partner Profiling Methodology. The tool can be adapted to any portfolio of collaborative relationships. The process and outcome will inform both management strategy and staff coverage model for any given segment of relationships. You will receive a report which provides solid ongoing metrics that align the portfolio to corporate and partnering strategy and guides collaboration managers in planning their activities to realize value and manage, mitigate and minimize partnering risk.

Navig8’s services will enable you to analyse and map your portfolio in 4 easy steps.

Step 1 - Determine the scope
Step 2 - Determine the profile criteria
Step 3 - Score and map all relationships on the Value/Complexity Matrix
Step 4 – Analyse the portfolio

As a result of identifying the gaps in your portfolio we then conduct a series of workshops using The Rhythm of Business’ Methodology to establish a repeatable process for developing a partnering strategy and partner selection process.