Navig8 has partnered with The Rhythm of Business to provide a methodology and suite of tools with proven results in the field of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships. The Rhythm of Business has been solving partnership and collaborative challenges with their diagnostic tools and methodologies for well over a decade throughout USA and Europe. Navig8 can now provide this service offering to the Australian business landscape, using their proven approach.

Central to many corporate strategies today, partnerships and alliances are a key component. Many corporates look to partner when entering new markets and building ecosystems to support entirely new businesses. Deciding whom to partner with and negotiating the nature of the relationship—the operating, economic, and financial models that define the alliance—are among the core strategic responsibilities of many partnering professionals.

We will guide you through The Rhythm of Business simple four-step process:

  1. Discover the baseline through an excavation project and stakeholder engagement
  2. Design the future
  3. Build the plan to get you there through an iterative process of working with partners and stakeholders
  4. Guide you through the implementation and development of the alliance management capability (if your objective is to build a program)

Along the way, you’ll access to a library of tools and templates, a few of which include:

  • Partner selection criteria
  • Management risk assessments
  • Collaborative network design frameworks
  • Governance principles
  • Business case outlines and alliance metrics

The Partner Portfolio Manager ™ - An online assessment and strategic planning tool based on our Partner Profiling Methodology that can be adapted to any portfolio of collaborative relationships. The process informs both management strategy and staff coverage model for any given segment of relationships. It provides metrics that align the portfolio to corporate and partnering strategy and guides collaboration managers in planning their activities to realise value and manage, mitigate and minimize partnering risk. More Information →

VitalSigns™ - An in-depth assessment built on a three level algorithm of an individual strategic alliance or small group of like alliances. The structure of the algorithm allows for comparison across different relationships. VitalSigns moves beyond traditional alliance health checks to focus on operations and outcomes. The outcome is a specific action plan for the alliance (and potentially each partner if systemic issues are identified) that is implemented and monitored to address issues that can result in achieving better outcomes. More Information →

Collaborating to Win™ - An evaluation of the collaborative behavior of individuals that produces a metric that suggests what could be possible through better collaboration and points to where training and coaching can produce better results. The assessment uses a consistent algorithm, yet is specific to an individual’s job. More Information →

Partner Listening Tours™ - A deep dive interviewing and online surveying process designed to mimic VitalSigns for a broader audience and is adaptable to “partners” of any nature, as long as the relationship is collaborative. Various algorithms exist for different types of relationships. More Information →