What is Business Performance Management?

Optimal business performance is simply the sum of all parts working in harmony in order to achieve great results. Not always an easy achievement when operating in uncertain times.

We work closely with businesses embarking on their next growth phase to determine and assess the appropriate performance categories and indicators for growth. The key areas we review and develop are:

  • Strategic objectives - is the direction clear and understood by everyone within the business? Are all parts of the business focused on this strategy?
  • Organisational structure – does the structure support the strategy? Have you considered organisational design?
  • Business performance measures – are the current measurements relevant and of use to the business, in light of your strategies put in place to achieve those goals?
  • Allocation of resources – how well does your business make decisions on where to apply its scarce resources - including money, time and effort - in order to achieve its objectives?
  • Processes and systems – has your business mapped its workflow to maximise and optimise processes efficiency outputs?
  • Values, culture and guiding principles – is your values, culture and guiding principles supporting the achievement of the strategic objectives in order to draw out the “best” of people?
  • Reward structures – do you have reward structures and how well do they support the reinforcement of direct efforts to support the achievement of strategic objectives?

All these moving and inter-related parts will impact on each other whenever there is a change in one. Similarly, if one of these areas is performing poorly, the potential for a negative knock on effect to other areas is significantly increased. Do you know if your organisation is able to effectively manage the change process?

If you find that your business has been struggling to transition to its next financial goal or has some under-performing areas you are definitely due for an organisational performance assessment.

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