stefanoStefano Masiello has over 15 years' experience in Australasia, the Middle Eastern and Europe working primarily with leading ERP, payroll, HR and IT organisations. 

As a qualified Industrial Designer, strategic marketer, project manager and business owner, Stefano’s experience has seen him involved in projects ranging from developing online multi-currency solutions, GPS, medical, HR, payroll and superannuation solutions to business building, market turnaround and penetration campaigns for global clients, including PwC, Deloitte, Oracle, Microsoft, Great Plains, Galileo, Bankers Trust, Professional Advantage, CXC Global, PayFields, NGA Human Resources and BAE systems.

As a strategic thinker with over 18 years of B2B (Software) experience, Stefano has worked with organisations to help them develop solutions to help identify and fill market opportunities or to redevelop in order to gain or regain market penetration.

Stefano has consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver sound, profitable solutions in both a national and international capacity. His ability to design, develop and implement lead generating business / product strategies, plans and operational tactics has been gained by working with a variety of businesses, across a range of industries and organisational sizes.

Stefanos robust problem solving and negotiating skills, has ensured repeated success in both pre-existing and greenfield departments (and organisations).

★ Collaborative and cooperative approach to problem solving
★ Complex stakeholder engagement and management skills
★ Strong scope control and scope change management
★ A passion for performance and process improvement
★ Strong track record in mentoring
★ Ability to distinguish between, and manage, long term brand and short term lead generating activities.
★ Specialist in business and market turnaround
★ Revenue and market acquisition track record .. 186% and recently 400%+ increase with two organisations