louise-eiseman-navig8Louise Eiseman is an exceptional Process Improvement and Organisational Design and Restructuring specialist. She provides advice and consults for clients seeking to resolve organisational growth issues.

Louise Eiseman the Director of Navig8, she is our principal advisor in Process Improvement, Organisation Design and Restructuring. Louise empowers clients to develop and grow their business through a wholistic approach to planning and implementing new structures and processes.

Louise provides key advice on stakeholder engagement throughout the restructuring to ensure appropriate risk mitigation is factored into the implementation phase. She has extensive experience in stakeholder analysis and developing engagement frameworks for difficult and complex problems that organisations experience internally or externally. She works closely with her clients to gain alignment through tailored engagement framework and approach.

Louise also specialises in behavioural change management where she provides strategic advice and delivers plans to enable client’s to either shed or shift behavioural challenges in their teams. Louise works closely with clients to map the stages, actions and activities required to obtain the desired state of employee behaviours.

Her projects have challenged client’s paradigm of how they approach engagement and expected employee behaviours. The successful execution is due to the collaborative approach with all stakeholders to engage on a journey of sustainability and growth. Critical to the success of the engagement is her ability to facilitate open channels of communication with all stakeholders which Louise is well equipped to do.

Louise’s clients operate within the public and private sector in Australia and internationally



Louise Eiseman: Experience

  • Louise is an experienced Process Improvement and Organisational Design and Restructuring specialist consulting across a variety of industries sectors including resources, telecommunications, professional services, waste, retail, banking, finance and insurance.
  • Louise has consulted throughout Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • She provides advice and strategy for complex engagements, successfully aligning expectations to the required stakeholder engagement management processes.
  • She consults to clients looking to adopt a behavioural change management approach for organisations seeking to implement new business processes, platform solutions and cultural transformation
  • During her 13 years as a consultant, she has achieved great success and lasting change with her clients through her highly targeted methodologies and personalised service, developed for each client she works with.
  • She credits her previous career experiences for her deep analytical skills and ability to develop processes and strategic plans that her clients can understand and engage with.