Research indicates that executive leadership wants and needs a business partnership that adds value to the organisation and it’s bottom line.


In a world of ever increasing demands (and competition) does HR have a meaningful seat at the table?

Are you able to make a strategic difference through gaining a larger more visible role on the executive team?

As an HR professional, who can you turn to challenge and bounce ideas off?

This peer based forum is designed to help you drive meaningful, strategic value through your own professional and your organisation’s development.

Apply More Science to Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention.

By engaging with like minded peers, across multiple industries, you have the opportunity to table your ideas, concerns and real world situational challenges and receive fresh, premium, and actionable insight in real time — through the support of your group.

Positioned for senior people and culture professionals, this forum will challenge your ideas and drive out solutions to transform talent in your organisation and raise yours and your department’s level of corporate importance.


Let us help you drive better business outcomes through ...

Have your questions answered by expert guests and peers as they share their viewpoints on some of the most pressing issues facing HR professionals in the region.

Specialised sessions, each delivering practical knowledge through simulations, group exercises and case studies.

Leverage the knowledge and experience of your peers by tabling concerns or challenges and gaining advice and critique in order to grow your own level of professionalism.

By joining this forum YOU will:

  • Be seen as a transformational leader in your organisation.
  • Be clear on how to minimise failure and maximise success in implementing changes in your department.
  • Expose yourself to best practice models, relevant content from diverse industries.
  • Be introduced to strategies for successfully managing your department and teams through the application of collective experience.
  • Learn how to creatively solve business challenges you face through your groups dynamic.

BE SEEN AS A HR LEADER and help shape HR’s role in the future

In this forum you will mix with industry peers and leaders to learn strategies and tactics to raise your profile and increase HR's contribution to your organisation.

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