How To Grow My Agency And Reduce Staff Turnover Fast: A Case Study

Business growth and contraction – UberBrand

In this case study we demonstrate how to redesign workflow and optimise the resources within the agency to meet requirements. This 4-step process resulted in a realignment of workflow and the development of cross-functional teams for efficiency of output.



1) Scenario

After 5 years in operation this small agency was experiencing a number of challenges. It was in a cyclical process of growth and contraction. It was unable to make transition out of its current predicament and achieve the first step in its big hairy audacious goal.

The internal cost to the business was high staff turnover and extremely stretched employees doing multiple things they weren’t originally employed to do. Confusion around accountability was occurring within the leadership team, which was impacting the workflow, processes and approval of client work.


2) Gap Analysis

We conducted our workflow assessment survey and one-on-one interviews with the entire business to review:

  • How they did their work
  • The processes for transitioning work across business units
  • The customer journey inside the business
  • Job descriptions and capability strengths
  • Systems functionality
  • Project management practices
  • Sales process

The company had become very internally focused without the appropriate structure, as a result the sales function had disappeared, the customer journey was confusing and silos had developed in a business with less than 20 people.


3) Applied Solution: Organisational Restructure

We developed a range of organisational process charts based on workflow and a cohesive customer journey. Key to the workflow redesign was to optimise the resources within the business and identify the new resource requirements.

We reassessed the senior leadership roles and responsibilities and conducted a half-day offsite to clearly define who did what in the business.

We mapped the process for the two key components of the agency – the sales process and project execution.

We defined each phase of project execution, developing a common language and process across the business units.


4) Results: maximised workflow and resources

The owner of the agency realised that his strategy execution was restricting the company’s functionality, which in turn contributed to the cyclical issue of growth and contraction.

An organisational chart was refined and approved with clear reporting lines. Leadership job descriptions were updated and implemented.

A complete end-to-end customer journey process was implemented ensuring a smooth transition from the sales function to the project management function.

Employees now have a clear process for their workflow along with clarity in the responsibilities of the leadership team.



“I engaged Navig8 when I commenced Uberbrand to assist in pipeline development 5 years ago. I re-engaged them recently to assist in the next stage growth strategy for my business.

Navig8 challenged the way I was approaching my business – creating distinct business units. Through their insights I can see how this approach was premature for the business and creating workflow and process functional issues.

They have realigned my workflow through the development of a new organisational chart, which now has an end-to-end cohesive customer journey through my business.

They have mapped my business activities which means we have a clear picture of how they interact and we are now developing cross-functional teams for efficiency of output."



Final Thoughts

As companies strive to become more agile and customer-focused, organisations are shifting their structures from traditional, functional models toward interconnected, flexible teams.

Are you in a position to capitalise on the rise of new organisational design?

  • 92% HR executives globally rate OD as a top priority
  • 88% of organisations don’t understand the way their people work together
  • 79% feel they aren’t expert enough to build cross-functional teams


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For us, it starts with you. We will work with to redesign your business, reallocate workflow and identify new resource requirements.

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