Macquarie Adviser Services

Client issue New CRM implementation without a Change Management Plan.
Identified area for development Change Management Plan required.
Navig8 solution

To engage the CRM team across a number of divisions in the development of a change management plan which would impact over 100 sales reps.

We worked with the CRM team to develop a detailed plan that included:

An assessment of Current State and Future State
Change Specifications (incl. Organisation Readiness Checklist, Risk Assessment)
Change Methodology (Stakeholder Analysis)
Implementation Strategies (including Action Plans, Schedule of Activities, Communication Plan, Training Plan, Resistance Management Plan/Survey).
Client outcome We completed the plan within the scoped 5 day period.

“Louise Eiseman was engaged by Macquarie Adviser Services to assist us in developing a Change Management Plan relating to the introduction of a new Customer Relationship Management system and Sales Management tool.

The scope of work was focused around the development of a Change Management document. Given the tight time constraints and limited available resource to drive the change, I was delighted with the work that Louise did for us and it certainly met all my expectations.”

Peter Shepherd, Executive Director, Head of Distribution, Macquarie Adviser Services